World economies are stalling, unemployment is growing and companies are laying off of staff to cut costs.

People world wide are looking for opportunities for employment and job security, and many are going back to school to better their chances.

In response many post secondary schools are gearing up to meet the demand.

The dark side of this expanding need for higher education is the cost of a good education is expensive and student loan debt is expanding at an alarming rate.

Some are young entering post secondary school for the first time , many are middle aged, out of work and looking to ways to becoming re-employed.

This is creating a coming financial problem for many countries. As numbers of students are the ballooning so is the corresponding student loan debt. Student loan debt in the United States now eclipses the US’s credit card levels.

What effect will this exploding debt have on students that own the money, banks that have lent the money and an economy (and tax payers) may have to bare the cost of unpaid debt?

Student Loans: Debt Generation – ABC

Let hope that +$100,000 debt is not be the future you have to look forward to once you graduate from a Canadian post secondary school.

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