simple life

I have often wondered why it is that cost of living only seems to go up. The harder you work the more you spend. The more you spend the harder you work. You get the idea. Life is a financial treadmill with out an end, that is your life until the day you die.

For some we realize this paradox before then, yet many of can never have enough stuff, spend enough or travel enough. The reality is the more complex our lives are the more costly they are to maintain. And once you have high maintenance life you must continue to produce an income to support it.

With the drop in financial markets in 2008 and slowing of the world economy some have decide to move to a simpler way of life. Growing all you eat, selling what you don’t, even making your own fuel for your car.

Check out this video from ABC New profiling Jules Dervaers that has done this very thing in suburban Los Angeles.

 Thank you to Bradley Letkeman co-owner of Union Cycle for sharing this video on facebook