Naughty or Nice Budget IdeasHow does Santa do it? He delivers gifts to the worlds 6 billion people, everyone gets what they want. It goes with out saying Santa has a plan and a method.

We can learn a lot from the big guy, and these ideas transfer well your personal finances. Check out Santa’s does and don’ts as you plan your financial life (and budget) for 2018 –

  1. DO – Write a list. Santa used a list. Make a list of everything to need to pay each month, and a list of major purchases you will need to buy this year and a list of things you want as well. You can edit these lists as the year goes by.
  2. DO – Prioritise your list. Santa checks his list twice. Start with the most important to the least. Never sacrifice the important items for the least. On your monthly budget, food for your family always comes before going out to the movies.
  3. DO – Make things. Santa has a elves, you have a fridge and a stove. Making meals is a great financial decision. Don’t forget to make a weekly menu and shopping list.
  4. DON’T – Leave things to the last minute. Santa starts planning as soon as possible. Starting early allows you get exactly what you need, when you need it, for a price you can afford.
  5. DON’T – Buy on impulse. Santa knows what everyone wants and never wings it. Impulse purchases can wait a day or a week or maybe a month. Run ideas by your spouse, best friend or family member. You don’t have to take their advice, but they may have another idea you may have not thought of.
  6. DON’T – Pay more than the item is worth based on its use. Santa did all his deliveries with the trusty sled and 8 tiny reindeer nothing more. If you need a truck for work to take you and your tools to the job sight, you could buy a brand new $45,000 truck or a used $15,000 truck. Do you really want to pay $30,000 for tool box on wheels?

As you review your needs for 2018, it’s worth your time to make sure you get the most from your financial plans for the coming year. You’ve worked hard for your money you deserve to keep some of it!

Budget Worksheets

To help you along the way check out these budget worksheets available on my website here