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I might not have all the answers but I do my best to find them. From the serious to the hilarious all financial topics are open for discussion.

After more than a quarter of a century in the financial industry my opinions have changed because what works is more important to me than what a particular economic philosophy preaches.

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Shrinking Food Size

Financial pressures are every where and food prices are starting to rise. Coffee is up 30-40 percent, flour is almost twice the price, even potatoes have increase 50 cents a bag. So you can imagine how excited I was to find my favourite ice cream had not gone up. That was until I got home I(…)


Retirement Can Be Funny

The topic of financial management and retirement is a serious financial issue for many. Will you have enough to live with dignity, how do you deal with your investments when the financial markets are down, and what if you live too long? The answer for most financial companies is to scare their customers in to making(…)


Interest Rates Up

With interest rates at an all time low and pressure on governments to limit the money supply there is a very real likely hood that interest rates will rise this year. How much no one knows … but what would you do if interest rates climbed a half, one or two percent?If it has been(…)


Financial Feedback Interest Rates

Locking in the interest rate on your mortgage can bring some comfort, but it comes with a price.  Some are of a mind to float the rate to get best possible deal today while others are prepared to pay more now with the security of future cash flow.This months Financial Feedback Questions is “How would rising(…)


Financial Feedback About Money

Money means different things to different people .. but what does it mean to you? In order of importance answer “What is Important about Money to YOU?” below. Question 5 has been left open just in case I have missed a concern of yours. Your answers are greatly appreciated. <p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>&<span class=”goog-spellcheck-word” style=”background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial;(…)


Canada’s Pension Benefits Changing

The financial turmoil of current economic events has effected the possibility of early retirement for many baby boomers.  Investments are down, company pension plans are coming under pressure and now government benefits are changing to adapt to less revenue. Governments in France are pushing retirement age ahead from 60 to 62 1 to save money,(…)


Handling Life Insurance Proceeds

We all will die someday.  Once we are gone we are nothing more than the assets we leave behind and relationships we have developed. Best of all our worries are over.That of course cannot be said for those we leave behind. In addition to planning the funeral, dealing with the final tax returns, and probating(…)


Canadian Debt Worse than the USA

We Canadians are known for being privately proud of our country. Being so close to the United States we have become known as their much smaller brother, always second best.But now we have something to point to, as being better at than the Americans … we Canadian’s carry more house hold debt than they do.That’s(…)


Health In Retirement

The Canadian Dream is the same for most of us, baby boomers. Get a good job with a big company, have 1.6 children, and buy a big house. By the time we reach 55 we should be in our highest income years looking forward to retiring soon. The last thing you think about is how your health(…)


Retirement Study

When was the last time you reviewed your financial game plan to see how your plans for retirement are coming along? If you are like most Canadians your main focus is holding on to your job, paying your monthly bills and maybe planning a winter vacation.  Retirement is the last thing on your mind.In a November(…)