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After more than a quarter of a century in the financial industry my opinions have changed because what works is more important to me than what a particular economic philosophy preaches.

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Retirement Around the World

Canadians are for the most part hard working,  living longer and enjoy a better standard of living than many retirees in other countries. But have you wondered how we compare? Check out this infographic from comparing the average retirement ages from around the world.


Financial Generation Gap

Next to religion and politics the subject of money is avoided by families like some deadly disease, and like an illness the longer you leave it worse it gets. After more than 16 years in the financial industry I have seen the effects on care giving families, and their parents when finances are avoided. So why is(…)


5 Ways to Beat the Pain of Change

Change is never easy. Just ask my legs last Monday morning.  I am training for my first sprint triathlon and to be honest I am starting to doubt my decision. I have always been reasonably athletic. I was a good runner in high school, enjoyed lifting weights in the gym and have been able to(…)


Facing the Future Together

There are many challenges that face the Boomer Generation when it comes to tending to a beloved parent(s). There is constant worry and guilt – are you spending enough time with them, how can you fit in the time for doctors’ appointments, phone calls, helping with little chores……dealing with other family members. So often we lose(…)


No Risk Investing

Have you heard of an investment with out risk? I have. At least once a month I get a offer in the mail, email in my in-box or see an ad in the newspaper for a new investment that promises an amazing return with no risk. Nothing scares an investor more than risk, and nothing contributes(…)


New Retirement

In Kelowna I meet at least 2 people a week that have relocated to the valley to prepare for an early retirement. They have left the high paying jobs in Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton sold the family home and moved to the Okanagan Valley to be closer to aging parents.Their plan is to work another 5-7 years, and with(…)


Boomer Sandwich

The baby boomers have lived an active life, but now they are sandwiched by young adult children moving back home and the added responsibility of taking care of aging parents.Boomers are coming to terms with the their own mortality too. Many are used to a running marathons, skiing in dangerous terrain or biking long distances,(…)


Simple Life Spend Less

I have often wondered why it is that cost of living only seems to go up. The harder you work the more you spend. The more you spend the harder you work. You get the idea. Life is a financial treadmill with out an end, that is your life until the day you die.For some(…)


Time to Downsize

The retirement reality is hitting baby boomers much harder than expected. For many the family home (or should I say the equity in your home)  has become the hope of retirees, and downsizing is the buzz word in the financial community. The idea is a good one. Sell your large 2,000 – 3,000 square foot(…)


Living Longer Myths

Why retire sooner if you only die weeks later. Much of what I have written about on this blog is centered around financial strategies to spend less, protect your family better, eliminate personal debt and invest better. But what can you do to live longer to enjoy your efforts? The other day I came across at(…)


What Credit Cards Numbers Mean

Take out your credit card(s) and ask yourself a question. Why does the credit card company use the numbers is uses? Just like cheques these numbers have a financial purpose. I found this infographic today on the blog and it answers what your credit card numbers really mean and are used for. Great infograophic(…)


Dealing with Creditors

Have you ever avoided the phone because of a creditor, I have. I can remember leaving my house for most of the day just so I didn’t have to answer the phone. At the time I did not know how to handle the angry collectors and I wanted to do the right thing. But how(…)


Fred Sarkari Courage to be Naked

If you are like me connecting with others is an important part of your life. I can’t imagine a week without meeting some one new. Connecting is a lost skill that many don’t know how to do well, and many of us avoid. Especially if this means speaking in public. A friend of mine, keynote(…)


Canada’s Federal Budget 2011

The Federal Government released it’s budget this week. Now the question is what effect will it have on your financial life in 2011?Although there are no significant changes, due to a impending election, there are some financial programs that are being extended for business along with some tax credits for parents and children. Check out the information(…)


5 Ways to Spend Less Now

Spending less is like going on a diet. We rely on will power with out a method or system to reach our goals. And just like most diets we are doomed to failure. Over time our debt starts to balloon and the only solution is a drastic change of spending habits. Unfortunately, just like crash(…)