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After more than a quarter of a century in the financial industry my opinions have changed because what works is more important to me than what a particular economic philosophy preaches.

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Ready to Make the Move

As you look for a new place to live you have many things to consider. If you are a senior alone, you may feel isolated in your current neighbourhood.You may miss interaction with friends and neighbours and dislike eating alone. If you are considering a retirement community, be sure to visit several, as they all have(…)


Is Assisted Living Right for Me

Assisted Living Residences provide accommodation and varying levels of care and supportive services in a home-like, residential setting. Services typically include meals, social and recreational programs, 24-hour emergency response, laundry and housekeeping services, supervision or administration of medications and varying degrees of assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and routines. Nursing(…)


Care – Are You Ready

Planning for care is never easy.  I most cases these responsibilities happen for many out of necessity. A parent breaks their hip …. and then the choices have to be made. For many baby boomers they are also dealing with their own issues like job loss, health concerns and their own retirement concerns. Add the(…)


Top Financial Scams

Every year scamers take millions of North American’s for billions of dollars. With easy access to  the internet the ability to reach an endless supply of potential new marks, almost anyone can become a professional con artist. According to the Better Business Bureau in 2010 Roofers had the most inquiries at 2,409,190 the most complaints were levied(…)


Budgeting Part 1

Lets face it. It is so much easier to spend than save. We live in a spending culture. We work, we spend, we work, we spend … such is the way we live our lives in North America. Spending is like a disease … if left untreated the credit card bills start to grow. Does this(…)


Living on a Cloud

Many of us use Facebook, MSN and email everyday. Talking to family has drastically changed because of Google+ and Skype. Now we can upload pictures, share videos and tell stories using great blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress.Of course this leads to a whole new issue … what happens to all this information when we(…)


Stressed Financial Life

Stress is becoming a way of life for many of us.  Regardless of income many are starting to feel the pinch … and keeping up each month is harder than has ever been. I have noticed after a number of meetings with my clients in the last 6 months, incomes are under pressure, personal debt(…)


Costly Pet Ownership

Are you a pet owner? If you are you among a large group in Canada. From what I have been able to find there are some where in the neighbourhood of 8 million domesticated dogs and cats in Canada. Lets be honest, when you decided to get an animal did you consider the financial costs(…)


How Men Die

Life insurance is the foundation of total needs planning. Premature death can ruin a families chance for financial success. We have all heard the statistic men die earlier than women, but have you ever wondered why? Yes some men are bigger risk takers, more men enlist in fighting roles in military, and some take dangerous jobs like(…)


Save by Going Green

The real estate market has slowed in the Okanagan and many are asking what can be done to find more buyers.  Government has come up with a program that encourages home sellers  to improve the energy efficiency of their homes with rebates and at the same time give a rebate on CMHC fees to the(…)


Wedding Bliss Wedding Bills

Getting married for many is a time in your life when your life priorities start to change. Creating a new partnership helps us to focus on what really matters, and this includes our financial lives.Unfortunately for many the road to marriage bliss comes with a huge bill attached. Based on 2010 results on the…)


Care Giving Realities

Taking care of family is something many baby boomers are starting to face.  Working, dealing with grown children and spending time helping your parents  has become more work than many had anticipated. Some parents are fully independent and can live on their own, some need support  but can still live their own home or live(…)


Spending like a Bruin

The Stanley Cup finals are over … and life is finally getting back to normal. If you are like me you have come  to terms with being number 2. I was hesitant to write about anything that relates to hockey, but I couldn’t pass this up. Have you every wondered what it would be like(…)


10 Financial Questions

Nothing can be more distressing to a child than to find out their elderly parent(s) are not longer able to make their own financial decisions or longer have the means to support themselves.The subject of money is important one … and like most things the sooner then better.  But how can you approach the subject(…)


Time Waits for No Man or Woman!

There is a common thread running through the estate belonging to an elderly parent or loved one.  Living through the Dirty Thirties – the Great Depression – has taught them to hold on to everything. This means then their attic, basement, or even barn, is usually full of “stuff”!  Most of which should have been disposed(…)