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After more than a quarter of a century in the financial industry my opinions have changed because what works is more important to me than what a particular economic philosophy preaches.

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Tips and Tools for Navigating Life

Are you like most of us Baby Boomers, dealing with the challenges of an aging parent(s)?      Come join us for a free informal and informative discussion on planning for our lives as we age – Boomers and Parents – Tips and Tools for Navigating Life as we age. Topics we be discussing include –(…)


High Debt Low Saving Very Wealthy

I watched this great documentary the other day that explains what I have been seeing over the last 10 years. Baby Boomer’s are caring high personal debt, saving less, and yet are more wealthy than they were a decade ago. How is this possible? (And make sure to check out the video link on the(…)


Real Estate Bubble Canadian Style

The real estate market bubble has burst all around the world since 2008, and now the question is the real estate bubble coming to Canada? Maybe Kelowna? Home owners that purchased homes only 5 years ago are finding their property prices are lower than their original purchase price, as they go to renew their mortgages.(…)


Life Insurance for Astronauts

The other day I watched Apollo 13 for the 20th time. I really like the movie. The story is amazing one, building a CO2 scubber from spare parts and just making back alive. Then it got me thinking … what would have happened to the families of the astronauts if they did not make it(…)


Retirement Income – Not All Income is Created Equal 2/3

When planning for retirement, not all income is created equal. Some income is guaranteed some is not. Some income is flexible some is less flexible.  The key to creating a balanced income in retirement is to diversify your financial assets and income streams. This is the focus of the second part of my series on Retirement Income(…)


Retirement Income – How much is Enough Part 1/3

The image of retirement is one of luxury vacations, golfing with your friends 3 days a week and spending time with/and spoiling the grand children. The reality for many is pinching pennies, limited travel and maybe dinner out once a month. Many baby boomer’s are finding the costs of their lifestyle are too much to(…)


Caring for Aging Parents

The reality for many of us in North America … we will be dealing with the care issues of a parent/family member for 10-15 years. These issues did not exist a generation ago. Life expectancy was  only the late 60’s for men and early 70’s for women. Today more people are living beyond 90-100 and care in(…)


Debt Free Faster

Are you drowning in debt? If this is you are not alone. Debt has grown like a virus over the last 10 years in Kelowna. Incomes in the Okanagan are stagnant for many, others are out of work and now paying off personal debt seem almost impossible. Before you give up here are three ways to(…)


Scam Impacts the Mets

The impact of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is still being felt as the liquidator continues to search for assets. The latest victim has been found to be the New York Mets Baseball team. As many former “investors” with Bernie Madoff are finding out is they may never recover the money they gave to the fictitious(…)


Why are we Financially Irrational

Have you every wondered why so many of us  behave the way we do when it comes to money? Why do we spend too much, even when we know it doesn’t make sense. Why do we expect to pay a low price to buy something, yet once we own it we believe its value is(…)


Life Insurance Needs DIME

How much Insurance do you really need? If you buy too much, you will overpay for years, if you have too little, your beneficiaries will be left with liabilities. So getting the right amount is important. Over the years I have found many people avoid adding in all needs because they are fearful of the(…)


Student Debt Increasing

World economies are stalling, unemployment is growing and companies are laying off of staff to cut costs. People world wide are looking for opportunities for employment and job security, and many are going back to school to better their chances. In response many post secondary schools are gearing up to meet the demand. The dark(…)


Mortgage Renewal Time

It comes in the mail to thousands of Canadian’s everyday … a mortgage renewal from their bank and according to CMHC more than 60 % of renewals are signed and sent in. Many home owners pay 1,000 of dollars too much for their mortgages because they don’t review their current needs before they renew. Here(…)


Stock Trading Reality

Have you every thought of getting rich by buying gold, investing in a technology IPO, or hitting the jackpot with a stock tip. To be honest I have. I seems we all have a desire to hit the jackpot in our lives. With all the money that can be made in stock market … many(…)


Pay Less Tax … Maybe

Over the last couple of weeks I attended a  seminar focused on paying less tax. Nothing angers the average Canadian more than the idea of paying too much income tax. (Of course the room was full!) Tax Shelters are legal in Canada and they aren’t new. These programs use loop holes in the tax code(…)