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My personal financial blog covers a variety of financial topics, debt, insurance, and investing.

I might not have all the answers but I do my best to find them. From the serious to the hilarious all financial topics are open for discussion.

After more than a quarter of a century in the financial industry my opinions have changed because what works is more important to me than what a particular economic philosophy preaches.

Great to have your feed back, so make sure to leave your comments below.


Eliminating Debt – Useful Links and Resources

If you are like me you are always looking for ideas to make better choices with your money. These links focus on Optimizing and Elminating Debt. The links provided are for your convenience and for information and education purposes only. The orginating sites are responsible for all content and accuracy of information provided. Where Has(…)


About Mike Hassard

I moved to the Okanagan Valley in 1992 with my wife Babara and my two daughters to help open Future Shop in Kelowna. I was attracted to the Kelowna lifestyle and the great environment for my family. When retail became an every increasing demand on our lives … I made a change to the financial(…)