Financial scammers and their schemes are regular news these days.

It seems like we humans were born to be scammed. I’m sure the first con artists scammed people out of their cattle, grain and spears. I’m sure financial scams came into being the day currency was created.

One of the most powerful tools of modern scammers have is fear and nothing is more frightening than receiving a call from “Canadian Revenue Agency” demanding payment.

I’ve received these calls myself, and they are very convincing! It wasn’t until I pointed out ┬áto the “CRA ” agent he was calling at 930 pm (Ottawa time) , he quickly ended the call.

To make matters worse now they are coming to your door!

Check this video/story from Global News –

Police warning the public after tax scammers now coming to the door

What to do about financial scammers

Remember to never share ANY personal information with a caller or some one that shows up at your door. CRA has all the information they need on file and will send you any important details in writing via Canada Post.

If you or some one you know has fallen prey to a financial scammer make sure to contact the RCMP. Your friends or family could be next.