Cash Flow

It’s not what you MAKE that matters it’s what you KEEP! Here are some great ideas & links on how to better manage the income you make and how to create net worth.

Santa’s Budget Does & Don’ts

How does Santa do it? He delivers gifts to the worlds 6 billion people, everyone gets what they want. It goes with out saying Santa has a plan and a method. We can learn a lot from the big guy, and these ideas transfer well your personal finances. Check out Santa’s does and don’ts as(…)


Opportunities Coming

On Monday we held an event with Trades and training expert Finbar O’Sullivan looking at career opportunities in northern BC and Alberta for trades. Finbar said Job Opportunities are still out there even as much of Northern Alberta has been laying off and apprentices are coming back to Okanagan waiting for a new round of(…)


Joint vs Individual Accounts

Managing spending is the key to making a family budget work. If you spend more than you make it is impossible to get ahead. One of the long time arguments the benefits of separate and joint bank accounts. For many couples the issue is one of control by one person one over the other, rather than(…)


The R-Word Again!

You think things have changed. We live in a more open society. The last time we heard it we vowed it would never be said again. But the R word is rearing it’s ugly head in Canada again. The R word I am referring to is Recession, this according to an article/video from Global TV(…)


Laid Off … Protect Yourself

If your job is in Northern Alberta you may not be called back for the foreseeable future. Most of the large employers are laying off, changing schedules and/or cutting hours to save money while price of barrel is south of 5o dollars. We’ve all seen this before. This uncertainty is now having a direct impact on families(…)


Home Buyer Financial Makeover

So you’ve decide to leave the world of being a renter to become a home owner. The Okanagan Real Estate Market is heating up in Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton, interest rates are relatively low and people are flocking from Northern Alberta/British Columbia in record numbers. Now seems like a great time to be a home(…)