The Federal Government released it’s budget this week. Now the question is what effect will it have on your financial life in 2011?

Although there are no significant changes, due to a impending election, there are some financial programs that are being extended for business along with some tax credits for parents and children. 

Check out the information provided by Gary Schlenker of Grant Thornton Kelowna and a PDF link for more detail. 

Thanks Gary for the information …

2011 Federal Budget Summary – Gary Schlenker Grant Thornton Kelowna 

On March 22, 2011, the Minister of Finance, James M. Flaherty, tabled the Conservative government’s sixth federal budget. 

Click here to view a pdf summary here.

I invite you to contact our local Grant Thornton office in Kelowna to discuss any questions you have regarding any of the proposed measures.

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