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On Monday we held an event with Trades and training expert Finbar O’Sullivan looking at career opportunities in northern BC and Alberta for trades.

Finbar said Job Opportunities are still out there even as much of Northern Alberta has been laying off and apprentices are coming back to Okanagan waiting for a new round of hiring in the spring.

Resource prices are down across the board and this effects almost all areas of trades employment including, mining, forestry and of course oil and gas.

Finbar was quick to point out employers are looking for three things, strong work ethic, up to date skills/qualifications, and willingness to take responsibility for ones work. Employers are always looking for good people, but it is up the potential employee to have this stated plainly on there resume, and be willing to relocate if necessary.

There are a few bright spots where the need is high –

  • Shipping Building in the lower mainland. Seaspan is in need of workers for contracts with the Canadian Government.
  • Construction jobs in port of Prince Rupert to expand the port. They are hoping to pick up traffic from Vancouver. They are the provinces #2 port.
  • LNG sites across the province need workers. They may not be extracting gas yet, but tanks need to be built, pipe has to be installed etc.

Here are a few links provided by Finbar –

BC Construction Association – Website and Job Board
Mining Association of BC – Job Board
LNG Trades – LNG Trades Funding

The reality is that right now the competition is fierce and the days of easy work, and easy money are gone, and more than likely will stay this way for the 12 – 18 months.

Now is good time to get connected with prospective employers, up grade your qualifications and be ready to apply as soon as opportunities present themselves. The slow down will not stay this way for ever.

As we get closer to spring breakup we will be holding another event regarding employment, check out My Okanagan Lifestyle here.