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COVID-19 Economy

The world has changed, welcome to the COVID-19 Economy. Relaxing afternoon at the farmers market has now become waiting in line ups for that last roll of toilet paper. COVID-19 / Coronavirus is changing our way of life. Many of us are sheltering at home memorized by Netflix as our bank balances slowly dwindle. The(…)


CRA calling … NOT

Financial scammers and their schemes are regular news these days. It seems like we humans were born to be scammed. I’m sure the first con artists scammed people out of their cattle, grain and spears. I’m sure financial scams came into being the day currency was created. One of the most powerful tools of modern(…)


Please Don’t Show Up

Gym Membership ≠ Better Health It’s kind of funny. The health industry claims it’s in the business of making us healthier, but in reality they hope you stay a home. Few industries have such diametrically apposing position with their customers. The gym’s/health club’s financial health improves when it’s member financial health does not. Most memberships(…)


Opportunities Coming

On Monday we held an event with Trades and training expert Finbar O’Sullivan looking at career opportunities in northern BC and Alberta for trades. Finbar said Job Opportunities are still out there even as much of Northern Alberta has been laying off and apprentices are coming back to Okanagan waiting for a new round of(…)


Owe Tax… Now What?

This is the time of the year we gather all our tax forms, personal/business receipts, load up our tax software, or head off to our tax preparer. In about a 30 minutes is the moment of truth. Will you owe this year? For many the reality is you will owe tax. So what do you(…)