I moved to the Okanagan Valley in 1992 with my wife Babara and my two daughters to help open Future Shop in Kelowna. I was attracted to the Kelowna lifestyle and the great environment for my family.

When retail became an every increasing demand on our lives … I made a change to the financial services industry.

The focus of my financial services business is simple; improving the financial lives of Okanagan Families.

I and my family are actively involved in a number of community events … such as the Kelowna Apple Triathlon. The Kelowna Apple Triathlon is Cananda’s largest triathlon bring more that 1,000 athletes to compete and involving more than 600 volunteers each year. I have taken a position as Vice President. This years event promises to be another success.

In addition I am also the Past President of Okanagan Business Referral Group that meets on Thursday mornings at the Kelowna Sandman Hotel.

I am an active blogger since 2007 writing on subjects relating to personal finance at mikehassard.blogspot.com.

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